Super Elite Invitational – Invite Only

  • Tournament Date
    May 03 - May 05 2024
  • Entry Fee
  • Stature
    USA ES Invitational
  • Age Groups
    7U - 12U
  • Event Lodging

    HOTELS AND RV Parking:

    Please click the Lodging tab above for local hotel information

    For teams staying in hotels, we highly encourage you to book rooms as early as possible.  For teams playing in Ruston, in addition to Ruston itself there are hotel rooms in West Monroe, Jonesboro, Winnfield, Minden and Bossier City.   All of these are in the 30 minute range from the park and easy to get to.

    For teams who have RVs, there is RV parking available at all complexes.

    For Ruston, click HERE for links to the RV reservation form

  • Event Details


    PARK ADDRESS:  We will be utilizing the following 3 parks:

    • Ruston Sports Complex – 2001 Champions Way  Ruston, LA  (Click HERE for park map)
    • Ouachita Sports Complex – 710 Holland Drive  Monroe, LA  (Click HERE for park map)
    • ULM Sports Complex – 4771 Bon Aire Dr  Monroe, LA

    POOL PLAY/BRACKET LAYOUT:  Teams will be seeded into Pools.  Pool play will seed teams into Left/Right bracket play.  The bracket will be seeded as pools of teams are complete.

    ROSTERS:   All players must be listed on the online roster as either a permanent roster player or an approved guest players prior to the start of the first game.   In the event of a protest, any player not listed on the roster or on the guest player report will be deemed ineligible to play.  The team with the protested player will receive a forfeit (7-0 loss) for the game that is in progress.  The ineligible player not be allowed to play for the remainder of the event.   The team can resume play in their next scheduled game without the ineligible player unless they are under the 8 player minimum.

    LINEUP CARDS:   Lineup cards must contain the FULL name of the player and the number.

    PROTESTS:   There will be a $100 protest fee.  Any roster protest must be done prior to the start of the third inning.  (Please make sure you check guest players prior to protesting a player.  To do this, pull up the teams roster history, select the event from the dropdown on the top of the page, and check the guest players listed on the bottom of the roster)

    TEAM INSURANCE:   All teams are required to have insurance on their team.   If you purchased through USSSA, we have the policy online.  If you did not, please present a copy of your insurance to the site director when you arrive at the park.

    MVP AWARDS:   MVP awards will be given during pool games for each team.   The MVPs will be selected by the umpires and staff.    Players can bring their MVP cards to the onsite director of the park to redeem their award and get their picture made.  In Ruston, all MVP awards can be picked up at B Pod

    TOURNAMENT TRACKING: The USSSA app will allow parents, coaches, and organizations to follow the pool and bracket as scores are submitted.   Any discrepancies with the scores that are entered should be reported as quickly as possible to the tournament director.   This will give you a live look at how seeding is playing out during pool play and how the brackets are progressing that will keep you on track with start times.

    BALL PARK ADMITTANCE:   All 3 complexes have one main entrance in and out of the park. This entrance will serve as the “gate” to the tournament.   Fans will pay at the gate for daily admission.  Up to 3 coaches and all players will not be charged admission.  Cost will be $10 per person per day.  Kids 8 & Under will be free.

    COOLERS, FOOD, DRINK: Concession will be available at the center of each quad. Players are allowed water jugs inside the quad areas or ONE team ice chest. Outside food and coolers are NOT allowed within the confines of the quads. However, teams are welcome to picnic in the parking lot or surrounding areas. NO SUNFLOWER SEEDS OR GUM IN THE DUGOUTS. Coaches are responsible for disseminating this information and enforcing these standards during tournament play.

    We hope this lays the foundation for a transparent and phenomenal tournament. We are happy to host your families and couldn’t be more excited to press on with this event.

  • Entry Fee


    No Pay at Plate fees for this event

  • Admission

    Daily Admission will be charged as follows:

    • $10 per day admission
    • Kids 8 & Under are Free
    • 3 Coaches per team will be Free
    • All Players are Free
  • Additional Note

    The following information packets will be emailed out to coaches:

    • 7U Information Packet
    • 8U Information Packet
    • 9U/10U Information Packet
    • 11U/12U Information Packet

Tournament Division

Division Entry Fee Gate Fee Max Entries Teams

Event Ballparks

Venue Name Address Maps link
Ouachita Sportsplex 710 Holland Drive, Monroe, LA, 71203 Open in Maps
ULM Activities Center 210 Warhawk Way, Monroe, LA, 71209 Open in Maps
Ruston Sports Complex 2001 Champions Way, Ruston, LA, 71270 Open in Maps
Venue Name
Ouachita Sportsplex
710 Holland Drive, Monroe, LA, 71203
Venue Name
ULM Activities Center
210 Warhawk Way, Monroe, LA, 71209
Venue Name
Ruston Sports Complex
2001 Champions Way, Ruston, LA, 71270

Event Lodging

Note: If you don't know which venue you'll be playing at and want to book in advance, click here to find hotels that are geographically centered between all venues.

Venue Name Address Dates Details
Ouachita Sportsplex 710 Holland Drive, Monroe, LA, 71203 May 3-5 Find Hotels
ULM Activities Center 210 Warhawk Way, Monroe, LA, 71209 May 3-5 Find Hotels
Ruston Sports Complex 2001 Champions Way, Ruston, LA, 71270 May 3-5 Find Hotels
Venue Name
Ouachita Sportsplex
710 Holland Drive, Monroe, LA, 71203
May 3-5
Venue Name
ULM Activities Center
210 Warhawk Way, Monroe, LA, 71209
May 3-5
Venue Name
Ruston Sports Complex
2001 Champions Way, Ruston, LA, 71270
May 3-5

Game Center

Please select a division in order to see information.

Trading Cards

You’ve all heard of Pin Trading – but what about Trading Cards?  We will be offering Trading Cards for exchange at the Super Elite Invitational.

How it works:

We will purchase the first 18 pack of cards for each participating player.  Players have the option to purchase additional cards at a low price.

Parents/Guardians will be responsible for uploading the preferred photo of their player and completing the information that they want on the player cards.  The link to complete the information/order form is on top of this event page and can also be accessed HERE.

Players/Guardians who do not complete the form will NOT receive cards.

The cards will be distributed to the coaches at the tournament during Check-In.


Event Updates




March 11, 2024 - 06:14pm



Fans enter at there own risk once entered we do not refund unless the complete tournament is called with no games played in any age group. 

Gate Fee: $10 per person 8yr old and under FREE. 

March 11, 2024 - 06:13pm


Refund Policy:

No games 100% - Three Games 75% Two Games 50% Three or more 0%

Started game that play two or more innings will be considered a game.

March 11, 2024 - 06:13pm


For more information in regards to this event, please contact: