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Showcase Events

For the USA Elite Select Program, we will sanction and offer up various types of showcase events that will help to spotlight the players and advance the recruiting process.

There are three different types of Showcase Events that USAES hosts.  The designation signifies the level of competition and Exposure as well as if Championship Berths are available at the event.

  • Championship Showcase
  • ​Elite Showcase
  • Regional Showcase

Championship Showcase

USA Elite Championship Showcase events are considered among the top Showcase events in the country.  These Showcase events typically have a National level field with select competition and the best players in the country.   Highlights of this level of event include:

  • Events must play down to a championship bracket.
  • World Fastpitch Championship Berth for Champions (12U-18U) 

Elite Showcase

These events are National Level Showcase events that are designed to showcase the talents of the players in attendance.  These events typically include an exhibition or round robin format with no definitive championship bracket. 

Regional Showcase

These Showcase events provide Regional Exposure to the players and teams by showcasing the talents of the players in attendance.
We will have a Showcase Committee comprised of our USA Elite Select Regional Directors as additional program advisors that will determine if a Showcase Event will be sanctioned as a USA Elite Showcase event.

We currently have three Showcase Events that are considered National level events and have been given World Fastpitch Championship Qualifer status.  



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